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Véronique de la ChansonVéronique de la Chanson - Foto: Jutta Hannemann

Véronique de la Chanson – 'Vero' for short – is known as songwriter and guitarist for her former bands (The Boonaraaas – Düsseldorf, DollSquad – Melbourne, The Cherrypops – Essen, Orange Crush – Mülheim a. d. Ruhr).


Vero's musical influences are coming from the sixties. She loves power pop, rock, garage and soul music. Also the influence of the New German Wave can't be denied. She grew up with this music in the 80s.


Vero loves good melodies, songs you can dance to and distorted guitars. She likes catchy garage pop songs and gets enthusiastic when the audience starts to sing the songs with her.


After her time as a guitar player in various girl groups she has now taken over the microphone.


In her Songs Vero tells stories which are enigmatic and funny, but always charming. As well as describing human feelings, the lyrics tell us about madness, desperation, perdition, vampires and the devil in person!


Must-Have for fans of: Nena, Ideal, Lassie Singers, Die Ärzte, Superpunk, Stereo Total, Cindy Lauper, The Bangles, The B-52s, The Sonics and lots of other sixties garage bands


>> Website Véronique de la Chanson





Krach Capella NigraKrach Capella Nigra

Krach Capella Nigra spielen eigenwillige und vor allem tanzbare Musik von Polka bis Chanson - mit folkloristischen Einflüssen von der Nordsee bis an den Ural. Mal energetisch, ausgelassen, beinahe Punk-lastig, mal etwas melancholischer begeistern Krach Capella Nigra ihr Publikum mit ausgefallenen Rhythmen und Harmonien und mal poetischen, mal politischen Texten. Die Band vereint Musiker aus unterschiedlichsten Genres, alle eint aber die Lust am Experimentieren und die Liebe zur osteuropäischen und Roma-Musik. Sängerin Nina Krienke verbrachte über ein Jahr in Rumänien und lernte Land, Leute, Sprache und Kultur kennen, dieser Einfluss ist bei Krach Capella Nigra unüberhorbar. Wer mit Freuden musikalische Reisen unternimmt, ist hier richtig – Dancers Welcome!


Nina – Vocals
Sean – Geige/Banjo/Gitarre
Yannick – Gitarre/Akkordeon
Jonas – Bass
Simon – Drums


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The ShanesThe Shanes

Cool and confident in it's style, the six gentlemen play their "Hard Polka"-dubbed mixture of folk, country, Balkan- pop and rock'n'roll – with instruments that couldn't be wittier, more suitable and interesting: accordion, violin, banjo, mandolin, pedal-steel, guitar, bass and drums!


Do Flogging Molly now attach importance to diversity? Do BossHoss now write their own songs? Is Bob Dylan newly singer of the Pogues? Are the Transylvanians or 44Leningrad at once making country music? Have Fiddler's Green finally groked they're not Irish? These are the questions rushing into a listener's mind who has never heard of The Shanes and who is confronted with the band for the first time.


The reason for The Shanes now being even fresher than in their first days 20 years ago, is that they always avoided all the mistakes their colleagues in the matter of folk-rock are making. They neither peter out in missionary seriousness nor constrained esprit or drunken hysteria. They spread party mood without being chumming up. They don't pretend being Irish, American or Russian. They are neither convulsively original nor mere epigones.


They strike a balance by concentrating all their powers on grabbing the elements of folk, country, ska, rock that they were fascinated of themselves. They are particularly good at combining the slight bohemian attitude of the folk scene with the warmth of country and the power of rock’n’roll.


Kornelius Flowers: Vocals, Guitar
Chris Birch: Fiddle
Nataša Grujović: Akkordeon
Warpig Stoffregen: Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin
Herr Dannehl: Bass, Vocals
Börgermeister: Drums, Vocals


1992: songs from the urban country hell (strangeways/indigo)
1993: polka hard (strangeways/indigo)
1994: love will tear us apart – Vinyl-Single (strangeways/indigo)
1995: these days EP (strangeways/indigo)
1996: Budapest Sessions feat. VEZERKAR (HU)
1998: 5 Years of Hard Polka 1993-1998
2001: The Haunted House Of Polka (Pinorrekk/Edel)
2005: Pölka (SumoRex/Broken Silence)
2007: Polka over Serbja – live in Chośebuz (SumoRex/Broken Silence)
2009: Squandering Youth (SumoRex/Broken Silence)
2011: Home For Christmas (SumoRex/Broken Silence)
2013: Road Worrier (SumoRex/Broken Silence)
2015: The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (SumoRex/Broken Silence)


>> Website The Shanes


The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (from the album "Road Worrier")






Ben Wood InfernoBen Wood Inferno

"You think you know what rock'n'roll is all about? Well, you fuckin' don't till you haven't heard the album "Wilder Wilder Faster Faster"!" After 2015's staggering live album "flames baby flames !!" Ben Wood and his as unique as infernal triumvirate release their breathtaking studio debut. Nine brandnew, ozone-depleting tunes are raising the bar in a full blast of death mocking and devil defying sound.


Launching from the swamps of dripping daffy trashblues into the spheres of outerspace psychorock'n'roll explosions we testify a song collection of an undiscovered garagerock'n'roll genre at its best - inspired by the likes of Bo Diddley, The Cramps, Jon Spencer and a large variety of winding up the smart set. Notably the intimidating opener "Blues Ex Machina" as well as the caustic claustrophobic seven minute closure of "Trashedy" present the band at their hitherto sizzling peak of creativity and leave even die-hard followers with an open gob behind.


Beside the well-known spectral and schizophrenic lyrical humour spread all over the record, the militant mockery on tunes like the sardonic "I Never Liked You Anyway" or the unmasking "Marching Off To War" are rock'n'roll renegades that once more reveal Ben Wood as a master of wrath and an unbowed cynic. "Actually we wanted to call the album 'Wilder Wilder Wilder Faster Faster Faster' but then again - we didn't want to show off too much...", bow-wows the agitating singer. Yet this would have suited the record just as well, we say.


>> Website Ben Wood Inferno


Blues Ex Machina






Ivan Ivanovich & The Kreml KrautsThe Kreml Krauts

Ein Fetzen Ska, ein Splitter Russland und eine Lache aus verschüttetem Punk fließen aus elektrischen Gitarrenbässen über Horn und Saxophon. Darauf tanzen Ivan Ivanovich and the Kreml Krauts. Eine Posaune und ein Akkordeon, das des A-Molls nicht mächtig ist, bringen Euch Ost-Europas Melodien ins Herz. Mit einer von Wein und Wolga ausgewaschenen Stimme singen Ivan Ivanovich and the Kreml Krauts Euch dazu Lieder von Schnitzel, Wodka und Schmerz.



Ivan Ivanovich: Vocals, Akustikgitarre
Yannick Thesen: Accordion
Daniel Kröger: Horn
Reimar Schenkluhn: Trombone
Philipp Zapf-Schramm: Saxophone
Dimitrij Gede: Guitar
Jonas Jutz: Bass
Pascal Kimmich: Drums


>> Website Ivan Ivanovich & The Kreml Krauts


Moskau Berlin Madrid






The CherrypopsThe Cherrypops

So, what‘s the Cherrypop sound? It's sweet but can also be rough and intermixed between sweet melodies and a crisp beat coming from a 60s attitude and charming abstruse German lyrics. The songs merge power pop verve with 1-2-3 punk riffs. Easygoing and full of energy the girls and boys from Essen and Düsseldorf jump on to the roller coaster of great emotions, lost hopes and absurd encounters without taking themselves too seriously.


In March 2011 the debut album "Wolken Zucker Himmel" was released on Essen's independent label New Lifeshark. Since then, the Cherrypops' songs are not only heard on Vero's private mix tape but also on the radio. The Title song 'Wolken Zucker Himmel' with its hymnal sky-storming love of life managed to get on to the international girl band compilation ‘Hellbound Honeys‘ of Australian cult label 'Off The Hip' and on to the hit lists of 1Live, Radio FSK and Radio Eins.


At the end of 2013, The Cherrypops finally delivered a fresh supply of cherry-sweet pop hits with their first 7" vinyl single ¡POP! (also available on CD). The new mini-album lives up to expectations and gives fans six power songs all about the ups and downs of life.


¡POP! is catchy, dreamy, really sour and straightforward. Six pop songs with haunting melodies throw pop, rock and power pop into one pot and add some strong seasoning, with a pinch of 60s garage and a bit of German New Wave with charming abstruse German lyrics – and they are being played on the radio again.


"Ich würde lieber ein Mädchen küssen als einen Jungen wie dich" ("I would rather kiss a girl than a boy like you") stayed for eleven weeks in the Ruhr charts in Essen, the Cherrypops' hometown. The Cherrypops have also made it to international stations like Radio Onda Madrid, WFMU New Jersey, WMBR Cambridge, Radio FRO Austria, PBS Melbourne and Triple R Melbourne.


Their German lyrics are loved not just by the German crowd but also by an international audience, which the three ladies and two gentlemen of the Cherrypops have proven with their live shows in Liverpool and Manchester.


>> Website The Cherrypops


Ich würde lieber ein Mädchen küssen als einen Jungen wie dich 




Kornelius FlowersKornelius Flowers

KORNELIUS FLOWERS is mostly known as the singer and guitarist of THE SHANES, a folk, polka, country and rock’n’roll band from Trier, Germany. With THE SHANES he has released quite a few albums and has toured for more than 20 years through the clubs of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, UK and USA.


For his first solo album Kornelius Flowers is taking a step back into the 80s while he is still looking forward and also towards his inner self – which results in a collection of original and cover songs which come with a concise and rich rock beat, melodic keyboards and guitars with a touch of songwriter manner and clever arrangements. Flowers‘ influences are US neo-country music, for example Steve Earle and Dwight Yoakam, but also 60s beat, folk and garage rock, for example Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Sonics.


On his album Vintage Hedonist, Kornelius Flowers delivers possible hit songs which make your ears want to hear more and make your feet wanna dance. He is supported by a lot of good friends and musicians, especially by bass player Herr Dannehl who has produced the album and made it a round, coherent and authentic album which – despite a few references – deserves the stamp “timeless”.


Kornelius Flowers: Vocals, Guitar
Herr Dannehl: Bass, Vocals
Jordan Bleu: Drums

Matt Dawson: Guitar, Pedal Steel

Noberto Mason: Guitar

Andy Mullen: Keyboards


2016: Vintage Hedonist (SumoRex/Cargo Records)


Fire In The Air